Inside Oakland’s Mid-Century Dinner Party-Inspired Bardo Lounge & Supper Club

The mid-century dinner party might seem like an odd source of inspiration for a restaurant, what with the era’s famously gravity-defying Jell-O salads and oh-so-American tuna casseroles. But that’s the idea behind Bardo Lounge & Supper Club, a new restaurant and bar opening on Lakeshore Avenue in Oakland on Wednesday, October 10. [Read More…]



Sleek, ’60s-inspired Bardo Lounge and Supper Club is perfect date-night spot

Oakland’s newest date-night place on Lakeshore Avenue is sleek. It’s sexy. Its mid-century modern aesthetic is so on point I half expected to find Pete and Trudy’s chip ‘n’ dip set laid out on one of the sideboards. Bardo Lounge owners, Seth and Jenni Bregman, have followed the lead of Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner in his obsessiveness to get every detail of the period exactly right, down to the fonts on the menu. [Read More…]



Inside Bardo Lounge and Supper Club, Oakland's new 1960s-inspired restaurant

Not so long ago, home entertaining was the gold standard for an evening out—a drinking and dining experience where guests were made to feel simultaneously special and comfortable. It’s this old-school vibe that co-owners Seth and Jenni Bregman have tried to replicate at Bardo Lounge and Supper Club, where 60s-inspired furniture, cocktails and dishes reign once again.  [Read More…]



First Bite: Retro and Refined

With the ultimate bar menu—innovative bites inspired by insipid hors d’oeuvres from the ’60s—and cocktails both retro and modern served in vintage glassware, Bardo Lounge and Supper Club, which opened on Lakeshore Avenue in October, offers one of the sultriest lounges in Oakland. Framed by brick and dark wood, with sexy black barstools and curvy couches, it’s an ideal hangout after work. Have some just-fried potato chips with smoky onion dip and a deviled duck egg or two, or get the finely crafted burger—a gourmet riff on the drive-in classic. [Read More…]